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To The Team of Clickcom I want to take this time to thank you all for the help and service you provided us here at Norman A Cope & Associate, Inc. Jon, you and your team were always there for us when we needed you! Everyone there has been so helpful! From the very first call I received to the launch of our new logo and the launch of the new site. I thought it would be appropriate to take time and thank you all. I at times felt like I was being a pain to your team but you never made me feel as though that was true! Jon Syzmanski, Thank you for your guidance and your patience in working with us as we went rough our slow season. You have been a huge help in making me better in advertising and projecting the correct image to our clients and potential clients! Emily Barrowclough, you made learning WordPress fun and easy! I finally went to a class to learn something and did not feel as though I was being talked down to the entire time! You are truly a breath of fresh air! David Jones, It was great working with you on the design of the site! Finally someone understood what I wanted in the eye appealing world of the website! I completely enjoyed working with you! Amanda Piraino, you may be last but you are far from least. Amanda, without you I do not think anyone else would have been able to understand and handle the special functions that we wanted and needed for our website! You have impacted our clients greatly. I am sure there are others that I may be forgetting if so, know that you are greatly appreciated just as much as the ones mentioned above! Again, thank you all at ClickCom and I hope we continue to enjoy a great relationship for years to come! Yours truly, Brian N. Johnston, Marketing Manager
Brian N. Johnston, Marketing Manager

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The nature of internet marketing is subject to constant change. The systems which dictate the visibility and popularity of any website are evolving nonstop. Though a business website might be top-of-the-line when it’s launched, it usually isn’t too long before changes in Google’s algorithm or social networking patterns remove the site from being seen and throw it into obscurity. Too many businesses use a “set it and forget it” policy when it comes to engaging online sales through e-commerce, and their sales numbers plateau far before they reach their goals. That’s why you need a modern digital marketing agency as an advocate for your brand or business. ClickCom is an organic SEO agency dedicated to website design and Internet marketing in Charlotte NC that can help you achieve enduring success. We’re prepared to help you send out your message with an integrated method that maximizes views, traffic, and sales with lasting results. We pride ourselves on keeping up with trends in e-commerce, website design, and content management. With an all-in-one solution to being successful online, Clickcom’s comprehensive approach to digital marketing lets you focus your time and energy in expanding your business without having to worry about harnessing the power of the internet.

As an organic SEO agency, ClickCom is at the forefront of website development in Charlotte. We know where customers are and how they shop. For example, did you know that 82% of consumers search for businesses online? How about the fact that mobile Internet users are expected to outnumber desktop users by 2015? Optimizing your website with keyword research and placement is key, but we understand the importance of visual aspects as well. Comprehensive mobile website design and logo design services give your business an edge over less savvy competitors. Online, you only have a few seconds to make an impression on shoppers, which is why our Charlotte website development team focuses on creating a website that is engaging and aesthetically pleasing—and still optimized for your chosen keywords. It’s a full-service package that many a digital marketing agency is lacking. Luckily, ClickCom has your company covered.

The difference between ClickCom and other digital marketing agencies is clear. We provide one-on-one consultation with SEO experts who have years of experience in the industry. Search engines and social networking are very important to us, but we don’t ignore traditional media or industry portals. All of these elements are important in building a strong foundation of SEO. Our Charlotte Internet marketing team helps businesses claim map listings, manage unique website content, and balance organic SEO with Pay-Per-Click for the best results. Blogging and email marketing are just some of the services we provide to help you send out a distinct, powerful message that’s unique to your brand or business and will keep your customers engaged.

What’s been holding you back in achieving online success? Let us work with you to pinpoint trouble spots and turn them around. Your online sales don’t have to stagnate. With the right tools and knowledge, we can bring your website into the new Web and drive in more traffic than ever before. Our full suite of services can be tailored to your needs, using the elements that will best help you achieve your goals. Our staff is available to answer any questions or concerns you have promptly and professionally.

Customers are already searching for what they want online—and finding the products and services that your business provides with your competitors. Without an optimized webpage that leaves a positive impression, your business will be lost in a sea of search results. Our tried and true techniques have worked for hundreds of satisfied clients, and they will work for you, too. Call us at (704)-365-9970 to set up an initial consultation and see how we can help. With ClickCom, the clicks come to you!