ClickCom Will Claim Your Map Listing For You

Have you noticed those upside-down red teardrops beside the titles of Google search results? These are Google’s map listing push pins. Google maps is quickly replacing yesterday’s yellow pages.

ClickCom will help you stake your claim on the map with Google and Bing map listings.

You may be thinking, “Why would I pay ClickCom when claiming a map listing is free?”

One of the benefits to having ClickCom claim your map listing for you is convenience. Our SEO expert will claim your map listing, populate your company’s information, and communicate with Google and Bing.

ClickCom makes your life easier by helping you put your business on the map:

  1. We do the necessary research and prep work to make sure that no one else has claimed your address.
  2. ClickCom will submit a claim to Google and Bing for the address of your business
  3. Within a week, a postcard with a pin number will be sent to the business address via USPS
  4. ClickCom will verify that the correct business has claimed the address with Google and Bing

Claiming your map listing allows you to customize your map-page and verify that all of the details associated with your business address are accurate.

To enhance your company’s digital experience, you can get an optimized business listing.