Social Media Setup

Social media for business

Do You Have a Website and NO Visitors?

Don’t miss out on this crucial piece of the digital success puzzle!

Social media is a long term branding tool that is a vital component to your online presence. The majority of your clients probably already have profiles on at least one of the social networks. The power to choose is now firmly in the hands of the customer. Social media can be used in a number of different ways to benefit your business and help your customers to choose you. Take advantage of social media’s massive reach and appeal to your customers in a way that will attract their attention and devotion to your brand.

Certain social media platforms are more desirable to use depending on your business’s goal. ClickCom can help you determine a solution that will work for your company.

During a basic social media set up our lead social media marketer will set up your company’s profiles. Your logo will be used as well as your company’s information. On average we set up a Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter profile for you. We provide client training on how to login and use each platform.

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