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URGENT MESSAGE – Updating Your Email Clients

Hi there! This article will help you update your settings to be compatible with the latest security settings for Clickcom’s email servers. IMPORTANT: The screenshots below are for reference only. They are to guide you through the instructions so you know you are in the right place. Please read the written instructions for exact details of what settings you should be changing.Learn more

How do I link to a document?

How do I link to a document (PDF, Word, etc) in the WP Editor? This is a two step process. First, you need to get the file URL. Click the “insert media” buttons (any of them will do, they all open the media library), find the media you want to attach, and click “show”. Under the Link URL field clickLearn more

How do I log in to WordPress?

ClickCom provides each of their clients with their log-in information and site domain name.
To access the admin, simply type ‘wp-admin’ after your domain: 
Example Domain: 
Domain’s Admin:

Access a prior revision

I navigated away from my page without saving! How can I access a prior revision? WordPress auto-saves revisions of a page when you are working in the editor. To access these revisions, scroll to the bottom of the “page” screen where it says “Page Revisions” and select a revision by date. At the bottom of the following page, you willLearn more

Why is there so much coding?

I pasted from MS Word/Internet/Email/Other – Why is there so much coding? These documents have bits of code attached to the text. Code determines everything from the font (type, size, color) to the formatting (indents, bullet points, etc). When you copy text from these documents directly into the WordPress editor, you copy the code too. When you preview the page,Learn more

Preview doesn’t show the new changes?

I previewed a page, made additional changes, but can’t see those changes on the preview! Why? When you preview a page, WordPress essentially takes a snapshot of the editor box content. The preview will have it’s own URL. Clicking “refresh” will not update the preview URL to reflect additional changes. Exit out of the original “preview” screen and click “preview”Learn more

My Email Stopped Working! Help!

There are many reasons this may happen, but there are some simple steps you can take to correct the problem: 1. Be sure you have an internet connection. To check this, try and browse the internet (Ex: search google for something- anything! if the search runs, you’re connected). If you have an internet connection, and you’re trying to access yourLearn more

Why is there an “edit this entry” button?

“Edit this entry” is a WordPress administration tool. It was designed to make blogs and sites easy to update. Clicking the link will pull up the post/page you are viewing into the Admin editor box. The “edit this entry” link only appears when you are logged into the admin. You can remain logged in for up to two days unlessLearn more

What is WordPress?

WordPress was originally created as a blogging application in 2003. It was and later modified for use as a content management system (CMS). Many applications and terms used in WordPress are related to its origins in the blogging world. WordPress offers an abundance of possibilities for ClickCom’s clients to manage their website’s content. With it’s user-friendly design, our clients canLearn more

Email Glossary

Commonly used email terms and what they mean in plain language. POP – Post Office Protocol sometimes referred to as POP3. POP is a protocol that is used to access your email mailbox on the your mailserver. By default POP downloads all the mail that is in your Inbox folder on the mailserver to your Inbox folder in your emailLearn more