Ecommerce Solutions by Clickcom

Greatly Expand your Market Potential With E-Commerce

Whether you are an online retailer with thousands of products, a small business that wants to sell a t-shirt, a non-profit accepting donations, or a school hosting events ClickCom has your e-commerce solution.

In today’s marketplace you don’t need a brick and mortar building to have a successful store. Many businesses are moving their sales online, or at least incorporating an online shopping component to their business model. Selling online allows you to widely expand your market and increase your profitability margins significantly.

Our e-commerce solutions allow you to buy and sell products or services online. 

Some of our basic e-commerce features include:

  • Basic inventory management
  • Remote and on-site checkout systems
  • Accept multiple offline payment options
  • Ability to export orders and customers into Tab, CSV and Excel formats
  • Email order notifications for order status changes with support for sending customer messages
  • Shipping Calculations
  • Flexible Promotion Options

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